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Answers for All Your Questions

Overwhelmed by all the Medicare parts and plans and choices? That's completely understandable.

Call for an easy three-step approach to understanding which Medicare plan is best for you and get enrolled

Step 1 - We discuss what you need from a Medicare plan

Step 2 - You learn about the parts of Medicare and how it all works (takes about 10 minutes)

Step 3 - We find a plan that meets your medical and financial requirements, that includes your doctor and covers all your medications, and get you enrolled


It's that easy. 

The best time to call and start this process is four months before the month you turn 65 (or become eligible for Medicare coverage)  

New to Medicare

Most new clients have no idea how Medicare works, so the first step is explaining it all. If done properly, it's not that confusing.

Once you understand how it works, you select either Medicare Advantage or a medicare supplement plan. At this point you'll know the pros and cons of both to help you make your choice.

Finally, we pick the carrier and plan that's best for you.

Pick the wrong plan? No problem. There's plenty of opportunity to switch later on.

Already On Medicare

For those on Medicare, having a trusted local broker ensures you get the best possible plan each year, and gives you an advocate to work on your behalf with the insurance company if you ever need one. During the Annual Enrollment Period you can request a policy review to learn about plan changes, sort through the crazy TV ads, and most importantly, know that you will never be moved off your current plan unless it is in your best interest and it is your choice.

State Employees

Many state retirees elect health coverage through the PEBB (or similar) system. Although these are excellent plans, they essentially provide double-coverage when combined with Medicare, and their monthly premiums have risen significantly in recent years. Many state employees have discovered that a Plan G Medicare supplement plan provides virtually 100% coverage at 60% of the price. 

If you're a state employee struggling with the rising cost of a PEBB retiree plan, call to find out how you can save.

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